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Moon Time Rhymes speaks for itself! The pages come alive and are so soothing to you and your little ones. Yumiko East beautifully illustrated these nursery rhymes created for the joy of the sounds themselves. You and your children will love story time together with this brilliantly crafted children’s book.

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In this imaginative book the children hear a variety of animals making noises as they do different things. Imagine the sounds of a dog digging, a tiger talking (grrrrr!) or a bee buzzing all next door! “What Are They Doing” is an Amazon best-seller that helps early readers learn to read with it’s fun pictures, repetitive sentence structure and alliteration.

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Big Bears, Little Bears, Pink Bears and more! Another hit with little ones and early readers. This charming book pairs early adjectives or qualities with delightful bears who go on parade. It helps young children describe their world!

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About Molly McIntyre

As a professional speech and language therapist, speech artist and Waldorf educator, I have been long dedicated to helping young children develop their speech and language skills. My studies have confirmed the importance of using nursery rhymes to help children develop their speech. With this in mind, I have created this book to help your children lay the foundation for good speech and language skills. I have included a series of beautifully illustrated nursery rhymes to be read aloud to your child. This book is a gift for all children, including those whose language is developing easily and those with challenges.

About Yumiko East

Yumiko East is a Biodynamic gardener and artist. She paints and draws themes from nature and children. Her work has been featured in Biodynamic journals and planting calendars in Japan and in private collections. “Working with Molly’s poems was a new experience for me. When I draw and paint from nature, I try to find subtle characters in them by repeated observation and study. But with this project, I was given the sounds of words and images of the poems themselves as the materials which were very lively. I tried to make them visible without losing their life force, and hope these pictures will support children’s imaginations.”


“This is an excellent book to use with early learners. I like the fact that it is written by a Speech Therapist. It is very good for working with children on formulating sentences and working on verbs with -ing ending. This is a handy tool in Speech/Language Therapy. It is good for working on category of animals too! This is an adorable and very useful book!”

Patrice Hill Taylor, December 20, 2016

“My son is 21 months old and has delayed speech. He was more interested in flipping through books than actually looking at the pictures or listening to me. To help us out, Molly gave me her book. The first time my son and I sat down to read it, everything was different! My son listened to me. He repeated the sounds and touched my mouth to figure out how I was making the. He didn’t flip ahead in the book, as usual, but actually stopped me from turning the page so he could hear the sounds. This was definitely a turning point in our ‘Mommy-baby’ reading time.Thank you Molly.”

N. Blackenship, Parent.

“Very nice book for preschoolers. I love the simple but fun illustrations and the fact that the verbs all start with the same letter as the animal they’re connected to. What’s especially great are the textless pictures at the end of the book, where the kids can find out how well they’ve memorized what the animals did. Five stars!”

S. Johnson, Nov. 2015

“My son was thrilled that he could read this and loved the pictures. Just what we were looking for. Love it!”

J. Fields, Nov. 2015

“I am an SLP and LOVE using this book for my Preschool kiddos!”

March 2, 2017 5 stars!

“My nephew who is autistic loves this book!”

5 Stars Sapphire, Jan.4, 2017

“Gamma, I want more bear book!”

Q. Kroupa, age 2½

“Extremely simple beginning reader book with emphasis given to repeated words and introduction to descriptive words. Lovely pictures! Children will feel proud when they are able to read all by themselves!”

5 Stars Lou, September 30, 2016

“Charming illustrations and an educational read! Appreciated the details and insight shared in the “About This Book” section. Highly recommend!”

5 Stars Laura Ceville, September 28,2016

“This is my favorite children’s book!”

T.Flynn, CEO Relkey Books